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Discover the GPS tracker Capturs

Stay tracked in real time and without worried by autonomy!

Innovation French Tech made in France

Real-time tracking and sharing of its track

Autonomy up to 100 days

Sigfox network using

No need smartphone

Small (68x42x24mm)
et light (58g)

Send alerts SMS/email

Under the Sigfox network, your track is created with positions sent every 10 minutes.
Keep track of your trajectories to improve your performance.

● In addition to your smartphone, the addition of a Capturs device will allow a real time trace over a long period of time.

● Share your tracking link so that your family and friends can follow your path.

● Create alerts that will be sent by email or SMS according to your choice.

● All you have to do is click on the button and your personalized message is sent to the people of your choice.

● Set up areas entrances/exits, and warn your family and friends when you leave for sport or when you arrive at the refreshment station!

€ TVA included instead of 199€

free delivery in metropolitan France

one year free subscription