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Capturs GPS trackers to follow epilepsy patients

Post – 10/09/2021

The advent of technologies dedicated to the Internet of Things opens up great prospects for their use in the field of medical research and risk prevention for patients. We warmly thank La Teppe Institut, which allows us to participate in their research on epilepsy by integrating the Capturs GPS tracker in their tests.

What is epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a chronic neurological disease caused by the hyperactivity of a group of neurons. Although it is more common in children and the elderly, epilepsy affects nearly 500,000 people in France, making it the second most common neurological disease after migraine.

Etymologically, the word “epilepsy” comes from a Greek word meaning “to attack by surprise”. This defines the danger of this disease because the arrival of the seizures is often unexpected and more or less violent. These seizures vary from person to person: they can be in the form of hallucinations, muscle contractions, tingling, repeated gestures, or in a more serious form, with loss of consciousness (which leads to a fall), convulsions and/or a stop in breathing.

A person with epilepsy is up to 3 times more likely to have a premature death than a person without epilepsy. It is important to ask questions about the solutions available to epilepsy patients to give the alert as soon as possible and to trace a seizure.

How to live with epilepsy in everyday life?

At present, there are a number of medications, but none of them can completely cure epilepsy in the long term: it is necessary to find a solution to limit, determine and analyze the occurrence of seizures by other means. La Teppe Institut is developing its research on epilepsy in order to improve the quality of life of patients on a daily basis.

The Institute’s plan is to create a connected patch to detect seizures on a daily basis using a motion and heart rate sensor. The first testers will be the Institute’s residents suffering from epilepsy. However, the constraints are the use of this patch over time: the discomfort of constantly wearing an object stuck on the skin, for example.

What if a GPS tracker could be the solution to follow the evolution of the epilepsy disease, the patients and their symptoms?

Capturs, the tracking solution for epileptic seizures?

While evaluating existing solutions for monitoring epilepsy patients, Capturs realized the need to provide accurate and autonomous seizure monitoring.

Capturs is developing a shock alert, in addition to the other alerts already available (button alert, movement, immobility, zone, etc.) on their GPS trackers. It will be triggered in case of a big shock, similar to a fall, and would allow both to send an immediate alert to someone by Email or SMS, and to determine the conditions of the seizure (date, time, location, movement, etc.).

The Capturs GPS tracker for tracking epileptic seizures has many advantages, both in terms of the object and the associated interface, compared to the weaknesses of existing solutions (heavy objects, little autonomy, expensive, etc.).
The Capturs GPS tracker is small and light, it can be easily slipped into a pocket to be carried with you and geolocated throughout the day. It has a central button that allows you to easily send immediate alerts by email or SMS. The Capturs GPS tracker has a long battery life of up to several months. It benefits from an affordable price in the LPWAN long range GPS tracker market. The Sigfox network has a good coverage in France and Europe (learn more about the Sigfox network).
Regarding the associated interface, the monitoring of the patients’ activity can be done very easily and in a very visual way: curves, tables and graphs that list the conditions of the seizures (moving, stopped, when, where, etc.), the live geolocation (to reassure/inform the patient’s relatives) as well as the detail and the follow-up of all the recorded events for a complete analysis.

Capturs: a preventive and helpful system for epilepsy patients.

The Capturs GPS tracker, its immediate SMS/Email alerts and its associated interface will soon be able to improve the living conditions of epilepsy patients (but also people with Alzheimer’s or dementia). The whole system will be able to accurately inform patients and the medical profession about the triggers and history of seizures in order to have a better control of the epilepsy on the patient. The Capturs GPS tracker will also warn the patient’s relatives to help them quickly in case of seizure.
The shock alert will soon be developed for Capturs GPS trackers. In the meantime, the push-button alert offers a good compromise. It can inform relatives and the interface if a patient feels a seizure coming on due to symptoms that are specific to him (tremors, disorientation, etc.), while he is still able to press the button.

GPS tracker for epilepsy crisis

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