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Offer the Capturs Premium application

Offer the Capturs

Premium application

A subscription to the Capturs Premium application is the ideal gift for sports enthusiasts!

Invite him or her to share their adventures, races and outings for pleasure or to be reassured!

2 months


4 months


6 months

25€ 30€

Sharing adventures

A unique and customisable sharing link allows family and fans to follow the trajectory live from their computer, tablet or smartphone.

Ultra high-precision tracking

The positions are sent live over the internet at an ultra high precision tracking interval (10 seconds). This interval can be set from 10 seconds to 2 minutes.

A warning system

Email or SMS alerts warn family and friends of the current situation. 4 types of alerts: motion/immobility detection and zone entry/exit.

4 stars average on stores

More than 20,000 downloads

Big more with Channels functionality

We can all group together within a Channel that becomes public and accessible via a simple hashtag. Runners and observers of the course can know where to find each other!

Practical to follow the riders

Super handy to follow the riders during their hike or horse ride and know where they stand!

How does it work?

– 1 –

Choose the duration of the subscription to be offered (2, 4, 6 months)

– 2 –

Download the PDF gift card received by email

– 3 –

Offer the gift card containing the activation code

– 4 –

Activate the code on the Capturs Connect platform