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How to place a GPS tracker?

Article – 10/11/2021

Placing your GPS tracker, whether in a vehicle or on an equipment, is not to be underestimated. It is essential to know where to place your GPS tracker in order to have an optimal sending of positions, whatever the network used to send the position on the cloud (Sigfox / LoRa / GSM / Satellite…).

Before anything else, be aware of the network, the technology and the power supply used. If your GPS tracker has a SIM card, you must first set up and activate the SIM card. If your GPS tracker uses an LPWAN network, you’ll need to turn it on and, depending on the brand, activate the subscription. If your tracker is powered by a vehicle’s OBD socket (On Board Diagnostic socket located under the steering wheel), you’ll need to take this into account when setting up your tracker.

How to position a GPS tracker?

While the first thing we think about when we buy a GPS tracker is “where do I hide it? Indeed, it is the first factor of good functioning of the GPS tracker.

A GPS tracker is equipped with an antenna, hidden inside its case. This antenna must be placed upright for optimum use. To find out the exact position of the antenna inside the case, refer to your GPS tracker’s data sheet.
If the GPS tracker is not placed in an upright position, we recommend placing the GPS tracker flat. In this case, the front of the GPS tracker, often represented with the company logo, must be facing the sky, again, check this point with your plotter manufacturer.

Where to place a GPS tracker?

The second factor in the proper operation of a GPS tracker is its location. It’s important to avoid placing a GPS tracker against a metal wall, surrounded by metal or in a metal area. We recommend using other materials, such as plastic or wood. Indeed, a metal area disturbs the waves emitted by the GPS tracker and it is possible that some positions are not received by the network, as indicated by the principle of the Faraday cage: “it is a metal structure that does not let any electrical, electromagnetic or radio magnetic wave pass through” (learn more about the principle of the Faraday cage). However, it is not because you place the tracer in a metal envelope that it will not work, it depends largely on the configuration of the envelope, its thickness, material, free areas for the passage of waves…

So that you can decide on the best place to place your GPS tracker, we advise you to avoid metallic places, places too close to the ground as well as too hot or cold temperatures.

Where to hide a GPS tracker?

Proper placement of a GPS tracker means combining the right location, the right housing and the right concealment. Whether it’s in a car, a two-wheeler, a boat, a beehive, a piece of equipment or a machine, there are plenty of places to hide your tracker.
In a car, you can place your GPS tracker in the glove compartment, trunk, door, under the seat, in the armrests or in the storage. In a two-wheeler, you can hide it under the seat, in the storage compartment, under the grille or in the top case. It’s up to you to choose the ideal place for your object, or even to test where the GPS tracker works best.

How to fix a GPS tracker ?

Some GPS trackers have a mounting system, universal or not, while others do not. Generally, it’s not necessary to attach your GPS tracker, but you may want to do so to prevent it from getting damaged while you’re on the move. If it doesn’t have a mounting system, use double-sided tape.

Proper positioning of Capturs GPS trackers

To install the Capturs GPS tracker, refer to the Quick Start Guide.

The Capturs GPS tracker has a universal mounting system that allows it to be hung or not. You can use your favorite fasteners or those you already have at home (screws, bolts, double-sided tape, magnet, clamp, rubber feet, etc.).

It can be placed anywhere (except in a metal area) since it is self-contained and not connected to an outlet. It contains a CR123A lithium battery available in large stores, with an autonomy of several months/years, allowing to fix a plotter without having to touch it for a long time.

Do not hesitate to contact our support or consult our documentation for any advice on the proper positioning of our trackers.

Traceur GPS sans intallation ni branchement
Traceur GPS facile à placer
Traceur GPS discret
Traceur GPS non brouillable
Installez facilement le traceur GPS Capturs dans votre scooter ou moto
Installez facilement le traceur GPS Capturs dans votre scooter ou moto
Installez facilement le traceur GPS Capturs dans votre scooter ou moto
Installez facilement le traceur GPS Capturs dans votre scooter ou moto

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