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Press release – 16/09/2020

Capturs partners with iWire Technologies to expand Market Coverage in Middle East, Asia and Africa

iWire is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Capturs to offer its globally proven Sigfox based tracking solution in the Middle East, Asia and Africa regions by combining Capturs solutions with iWire Technologies unmatched professional services.

Capturs Systems is disrupting live GPS tracking systems with ultra-high autonomy and low operating costs by using Sigfox LPWAN technology, opening a wide range of use cases for people, assets, logistics and fleets. “Communications is the backbone of smart connected devices and iWire Technologies is well positioned to capture significant market share for Sigfox operators in Middle East, Asia and Africa markets. Our ultra-high autonomy GPS devices enables iWire Technologies to accelerate deployment of Sigfox enabled IoT solutions backed by robust platform and AI based real-time data analysis”, stated Arnaud Loulier, Managing Director of Capturs.

iWire Technologies is a leading IoT solutions provider serving enterprise and government customers based in UAE. “The era of smart connected devices is here. Sigfox is a significant communications backbone in this ecosystem, and iWire Technologies is positioning for scaling to millions of IoT devices. One of our partners in this journey is Capturs, which will help us to unlock the untapped vast opportunity in asset and workforce management. We have already achieved great success in UAE and we are looking forward to scaling up the momentum in coming days”, added Firoz Karumannil, Co-Founder of iWire Technologies.

This partnership between iWire and Capturs mainly focuses on the GPS based workforce management and industrial assets tracking, offering operating autonomies unmatched by GSM or satellite competitors, at operating costs among the lowest on the market, combined with iWire Technologies’s professional services plans, to expand its operations across 10 countries spanning Middle East, Africa & Asia with a potential market of over $150M connections within the next 5 years.

About Capturs

Capturs provides ultra-high autonomy and low-cost trackers for real-time tracking, tracing and monitoring of assets and workforce. Capturs’ clients and partners benefit from global coverage across key verticals like energy, manufacturing, transport, healthcare, communications, retail & government.

About iWire Technologies

iWire Technologies is part of iWire Group, a Sigfox Network Operator in UAE that provides two-way, out-of-the-box, energy efficient and cost-effective connectivity to IoT devices. We act as an IoT Systems Integrator & IoT technical advisory for businesses & government organizations. We offer tailor-made IoT solutions with the combination of technical assets, hardware devices / sensors and cloud-based applications. Together with our partner ecosystem, we are able to offer a total integrated IoT Solution and build IoT value chain for our customers.

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