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The use of the Capturs tracker in paragliding.

Christelle practices trail and paragliding with the Capturs tracker. Here she tells you about her experience.

Its use in paragliding

“I use the Capturs tracker for the trail and for paragliding. For paragliding, it’s just a tracker so my friend knows where I am. It also allows me to see where I am.

The tracker is very practical, it’s very small, it fits in the bag for trail or in a pocket for paragliding, it’s true that it’s not bad. The autonomy is really good: sometimes I forget to recharge it and there is always a battery… it’s very practical”.

The advantage of using the Capturs tracker

“It gives me peace of mind in case something happens to me, in case I get lost. It also reassures my friend who knows roughly where I am, especially if I don’t come home on time.

Paragliding can also cause problems in flight, landing in a tree or having other worries. You may not have access to your phone because you are in a position that prevents you from moving your hands. Moreover, if the tracker is in the bag and our relatives don’t see us come back, they can locate us and come and get us.”


“The world of paragliding is very performance-oriented. It’s all about the size of the flight, the one who flies the longest distance in a day. The GPS tracker can be used if our onboard instruments fail. We will thus have the GPS tracker which allows us to declare our flight valid.

There is also an annual national contest, the one who has flown the longest distance. It’s a lot of boys and there’s a lot of pressure. It’s a sport apart, it’s a big challenge. A big competitive spirit…”

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