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GPS tracker for vehicles: a solution against theft

Post – 26/10/2021

Vehicle theft in France

In France, there is a large number of stolen vehicles: about 250 cars are stolen every day. Although thefts are generally more concentrated in large cities, they also occur in more remote towns and villages, often at night. Vigilance must be optimal: don’t park in a poorly lit area, make sure the door is locked, don’t leave personal belongings inside the vehicle, don’t leave the keys in the ignition, even when you are next to it, etc.

When items left in plain view in a car (GPS, glasses, purse, phone, wallet, jacket, etc.) are stolen with or without damaging the vehicle, this technique is called “carjacking”. The car itself is not stolen but may have been damaged: broken window or damaged door.
The theft of fuel from cars is less well known, but it remains a widespread phenomenon, especially in recent months with the rise in fuel prices in France.

A stolen vehicle is re-registered by thieves in order to resell it on private sale platforms such as Le Bon Coin. In other cases, the vehicles are sent outside of France in order to resell the parts.

The 10 most stolen cars in 2021

The most stolen cars are recent and mid/high range. They are vulnerable to the new theft techniques practiced in 2021.

Here are the top 10 most stolen cars in 2021:
– Renault Clio 4
– Smart Fortwo
– BMW X6
– Land Rover Range Rover Sport
– BMW 6 Series
– Renault Megane 4
– DS3
– Land Rover Ranger Rover Evoque
– BMW X5

The case of thefts from professional vehicles

For a professional, the cost of a theft is multiplied by three compared to that of a private individual. While a private individual will generally only suffer the loss of the value of the vehicle, the professional will also lose the equipment/tools inside as well as the cost of the craftsman who will find himself, in fact, in technical unemployment.

In 2021, the share of stolen commercial vehicles is significant. It represents the majority of vehicle thefts: commercial vehicles, company cars, trucks and machines are counted.

Here are the top 3 most stolen commercial vehicles in 2021:
– Mercedes Benz Sprinter 313 CDI
– Mercedes Benz Sprinter 314 CDI
– Ford Transit 350

Vehicle theft techniques

There are several techniques to steal a vehicle. Nevertheless, the most used technique in 2021 is the mouse jacking, simply because it is fast and low risk for thieves. The method consists in inserting a box on the OBD socket (located under the steering wheel) of the vehicle in order to reconfigure the computer systems and encode a new key. Within 30 seconds, the thieves leave with the vehicle. The only tricky part is opening the car: usually they use a scrambler that prevents the owner from locking the doors. Alternatively, the vehicle’s serial number on the bottom of the windshield may allow thieves to obtain a new key from a complicit dealer.

In other cases, thieves steal the keys. This theft can occur during a mugging, carjacking (forcefully entering the vehicle and stealing it using force or threats) or burglary. Theft of vehicle keys during a burglary is common when it is a company vehicle.

Theft by “doing the wires” is now rarer because it is more risky and is directed at older cars.

The GPS tracker Capturs that fights against modern day theft

In order to secure a vehicle as much as possible, since it is a big investment for its owner, it is important to be equipped in order to face ill-intentioned thieves. How to equip yourself? The question is increasingly being asked. An anti-theft rod? An alarm? The GPS tracker Capturs for professionals and individuals promises a follow-up as well as an immediate alert system in order to reconcile security and reactivity (see the press article in the Dauphiné).

The tracking of the GPS tracker is in real time. From a distance, the owner can monitor his vehicle from his smartphone, tablet or computer. It is suitable for all types of vehicles, and more: it also adapts to trailers and equipment that may be inside.

Let’s say the thief has a jammer with him, it will still be possible to track him in real time because the Capturs GPS tracker and its Sigfox Ultra-Narrow-Band radio system is not sensitive to jamming. The owner of the vehicle is alerted in case of theft, in case of movement and can report to the police the last position of the vehicle and share with them the live tracking of the vehicle. One of the advantages of Capturs is the reactivity of the alerts. You are alerted immediately of the theft, before the vehicle is too far away or already in pieces.

Traceur gps pour les vols de véhicules

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