Innovations in the heart of CAPTURS



Your family and friends follow you in real time


Give alert to your family and friends when needed


Your fans can follow your trips


Export GPS data and share through social networks

Live GPS tracking

Your GPS position is sent on internet every 10 minutes (precision about 3 min). Web based tracking interface on PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone. High precision cartography, in France and Europe (US not available) depending on Sigfox network coverage : www.sigfox.com/coverage.

Race Mode

Capturs can be configured in Race Mode to show the positions of several trackers on a unique map. Useful to follow a race or a group. Data such as speed or elevation are available.

Flight mode

Tracker can be configured in Flight Mode to send instant speed and elevation above earth. Useful for light aviation (gliders, para gliders, ultralights…).

From several weeks to several months, depending on your activities and on the GPS settings. Email is sent when battery is low.

Size /Weight
68x42x24 mm, 60 grams. Capturs is compact, elegant and easy to wear.

Data Export
Your positions and tracks are recorded in the tracker (default trace precision 1 position/min) for offline PC/Mac export on Strava or other network (.GPX, .KML). You can use Capturs to replace other activities trackers !


Button / Alerts
The On/Off/Reset button is also a panic button that sends up to 4 types of messages to anyone you want (per email and SMS (optional) ). Auto alerts (movement, geofencing) can be configured


SIGFOX Network
Capturs relies on the Ultra-Narrow-Band Sigfox network. Sigfox deploys a worldwide radio network dedicated to Internet of Things. One year Sigfox membership is included free of charge. Then membership is 1,99€/month (one year subscription). Check your region coverage: www.sigfox.com/coverage.


Don’t want to use Capturs web/mobile application for displaying your trajectories? Then opt for the API to get raw live GPS data from Capturs and use it on your own system.


Micro-USB port
A standard Micro-USB plug allows charging the battery, downloading your workouts data on PC/Mac, and update the firmware. USB type A to Micro-USB cable included.


No Phone / No Sim
Capturs is standalone and easy to use. No phone, no SIM card or no synchronization needed. Simply take it with you and that’s all…

A waterproof soft casing is included in the package.