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A hike with Vincent Chaigneau.

Vincent Chaigneau, a trail runner but also a hiker, recounts his experience on the trail, hiking, and on his use of the Capturs tracker during his outings.

His reasons for going hiking with Capturs

“For hiking, I already have the Capturs tracker with me, it’s in my bag. I don’t use the alert system, this has never happened to me.

When I leave, there is someone to follow me. I mainly use the device for tracking. The goal? If something happens to me, I have a trace of where I was, because when I go to the mountains I don’t necessarily have someone with me. This allows me to be able to send my position.”

The Capturs tracker and safety

“I took the tracker only for the security aspect. In fact, it’s to be able to offer real-time tracking without being constrained by the battery life of my phone. Capturs gives me the possibility to share it live over a fairly long period of time, when I leave for example 6 or 7 hours. The phone cannot transmit my position for 6 or 7 hours.

Its sports uses

“Capturs is safety, being able to say where I am going and where I am. My watch is for collecting information, I have my rhythms, my passage times, my heart rate, etc. It’s what allows me, either before or after my race, to know my level of fitness, to know where I stand. It is there to help me analyse what I have done and then to be able to review it.

Concerning the GPS track… I don’t necessarily look at the route with the Capturs application because I already have it on my watch, so it’s not something I do regularly.”

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