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Ludovic Chorgnon, testimony of a trail runner.

Ludovic Chorgnon is a French ultra triathlete. First, he started marathon at the age of 18 and then he practices different sports. A company manager in communication and Human Resources, he lives in Vendôme with his wife and three children.

From July to the beginning of August 2015, he runs the record number of Iroman triathlons in a row, 41 times! In short, this represents: a 3.8 km swim, 180.2 km bike ride and a marathon. For an estimation: between 8000 and 9000 kilocalories burned daily!

Ludovic also has a very long list of achievements to his credit. Indeed, he has run several of the hardest races in the world, such as the Diagonale des Fous, the Marathon des Sables, or the “Grand Raid du Sahara”. All of this with regular doping controls.

His desire to have the Capturs tracker

“I met you because I wanted something precise, with good autonomy and light. Also, I didn’t want any weight constraints. I didn’t want to leave with heavy objects. Then I discovered Capturs.”

Ludovic and Capturs

“First of all, I wanted something new. For sharing, being able to share your GPS track is great. Also, the fact that people can know where I am on my route, I think it’s great.

My haunt when you’re running all the time is to end up with a heavy, huge box. Here it’s small, it takes no space, we carry it everywhere so it’s great!

I use the device when I go on trail, only for big races. I make very long trail. For example, 15 days ago, I ran more than 300 km. Otherwise, I’m going to run on ridges, in places where I know there are few people who will come to pick me up.”

Capturs and the sport

“When I leave, people know where I am with the tracker. It’s interesting for the team that follows me on the spot but also for people at a distance. With Internet it’s great, it allows me to live the adventure with me.”.

This is the number of Ironman triathlons chained by Ludovic Chorgnon, which makes it the world record!

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