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Capturs allows you to create “Shares”, i.e. unique internet addresses (URLs) that will allow access to anyone who has the address to access your tracking, temporarily or not. It is possible to deactivate this tracking at any time. These addresses should be treated with care as they give access to your location.

1 – On the Capturs interface, open the left menu and click on My Private Shares.

2 – Click on the button + to create a new share. Your share will appear.

– To change the name of your share, click .
– To delete your share, click .
– To turn on/off your share, click .
– To select the tracker that you want to share, click .
– To change the track length, click .
– To add a GPX track to your share, click .
– To copy the share link and send it to your friends and family, click .