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1 – On the Capturs interface, open the left menu and click on My Alerts.

2 – Choose the GPS tracker you want to configure.

3 – To create a new alert, click on . Choose the type of alert in the scroll bar that appears.

4 – Click on the icon   to set up your alert.

Possible configurations:
– Add a name to the alert.
– Enable automatic reactivation of the alert.
– Create time slots for triggering alerts.
– Choose the type of sending of the alert (SMS, Email, API Callback)

Alert content:
– Add one or more Emails, phone numbers, etc..
– Customize the subject and content of the alert as you wish.
– Check the “Share link activated” case if you want to share your tracking link in the alert.

For area alerts:
– Customize the zones by pressing the dots around the red zone.
– Create round or polygonal areas.
– Capturs Systems Connect specific: select an area already registered in the library.