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The Capturs Model C tracker is not rechargeable. Once the tracker has no more battery, you must change the battery inside. It is a lithium battery CR123, available in supermarkets.

Install or change the battery
1 – Make sure you are in good condition to perform battery change (not
exceeding temperature usage range, no water on the case, the battery
or the operator’s hands.
2 – Remove the 4 screws using a proper screwdriver.
3 – If already inserted remove the old battery and recycle in accordance
with the applicable recycling instructions in force in your country.
4 – Insert the new battery by strictly respecting polarity plus and minus (+/-)
as written on the battery and on the sticker. The “+” pole of the battery
must go to the “+” side of the battery holder.
5 – Close the casing by tightening the four screws.

To find out the percentage of battery in your tracker, log on to the web platform or application.

In “My Devices”:
In the left menu, “Devices” then “My Devices”, you can see the information of your device and its battery percentage.

On the map:
Select the device for which you want to know the information in the top blue box.
Click on the icon at the bottom right of your screen and the information will appear with the percentage of your battery.

“Low battery” alert:
Create a low battery alert. The alert will be triggered when the battery is at less than 20% of its capacity and you will receive an SMS or email, depending on the configuration of your alert.