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In order to send an alert, you have to create one and configure it.
Enter the email addresses and/or phone numbers of your relatives in the configuration of your alert.
To send an alert, you must be in an area covered by the Sigfox network or by GSM (depending on the model).

How to create and configure an alert?
1 – On the Capturs interface, open the left menu and click on My Alerts.

2 – Choose the GPS tracker you want to configure.

3 – To create a new alert, click on . Choose the type of alert in the scroll bar that appears.

4 – Click on the icon   to set up your alert.

Possible configurations:
– Add a name to the alert.
– Enable automatic reactivation of the alert.
– Create time slots for triggering alerts.
– Choose the type of sending of the alert (SMS, Email, API Callback)

Alert content:
– Add one or more Emails, phone numbers, etc..
– Customize the subject and content of the alert as you wish.
– Check the “Share link activated” case if you want to share your tracking link in the alert.

For area alerts:
– Customize the zones by pressing the dots around the red zone.
– Create round or polygonal areas.
– Capturs Systems Connect specific: select an area already registered in the library.

If it’s a click button alert :
Just click on the button in the middle of the GPS tracker according to the chosen alert (1 click, 2 clicks, 4 clicks or a long click). The blue led at the bottom left of the GPS tracker will blink as many times as you clicked on the button.

If it is the 3 clicks alert :
In the case of the 3-click alert, there is an acknowledgement function: after pressing the button 3 times, the “red” and “green” leds will start flashing alternately until the acknowledgement is received, where the green led will flash rapidly. If this is not the case, the red led will blink quickly and the GPS tracker will try to send the alert again 10 minutes later and start blinking alternately until validation or not of the data reception.

If it is a area alert:
Your alert is sent automatically when your GPS tracker (device or smartphone) enters or leaves the area you have configured.

If it is a motion alert:
When your device is stationary and hasn’t moved for a while, your motion alert will be triggered when the tracker’s motion is detected.

If it is a no motion alert:
An alert will be sent when the GPS tracker has been stationary for a set time.

If it is a low battery alert:
An alert will be sent when the battery is less than 20% of its capacity.

If it is a power-off alert:
An alert will be sent when the GPS tracker is turned off, i.e. when someone turns it off.

If it is an unplugging alert:
An alert will be sent when the GPS tracker is unplungged.

If it is an absence alert:
An alert will be sent when the GPS tracker is not present in a predefined area at the scheduled time.

If it is a temperature alert:
An alert will be sent when the temperature is below or above a certain set temperature threshold.