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1 – Unscrew the 4 screws until you can remove the tab.

2 – Gently remove the tab.

3 – Tighten the 4 screws without tightening too much.

4 – Associate your GPS tracker to your Capturs account.
How do I associate my GPS tracker to my Capturs Account?
1 – On Connect or the Capturs application, open the left menu and click on My Devices.

2 – Click on the button + to access to the addition of the new device.

3 – Complete the serial number (S/N) and the activation key (Key) indicated on the back of the device.
(It is normal that the first letter (A or B) of the S/N does not then appear in the device name because it is the device’s model indicator.)


Click on the QR code icon and scan the back of the device.

Why does the interface say “device already registered”?

Capturs GPS trackers can only be registered to one user account. If you try to add them to a second account, this message will appear. You will need to delete it from the old account before you can register it to a new one.